Paalak Baingan Sabzi (Spinach Eggplant Stir Fry)

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Today’s recipe is my favourite and can be a substitute for Choraiya/Amaranth bhaji. 


3 Pre-packaged salad variety Packets Of Baby Spinach

1 Large Bell/Italian Eggplant (cut finger lengthwise) 

1 Tspn Cumin Seeds

1 Large Onion (sliced lengthwise)

3 Cloves Garlic (crushed) 

Salt To Taste

Oil For Cooking 


• Prepare all ingredients and in a large pot add oil to heat. We are using a large pot to give room to the spinach to fit and as it wilts the quantity will reduce in size. 

• Once the oil is heated through add the cumin seeds and allow it to sizzle and brown a little. 

• Now add onions and saute till translucent then add garlic and brown. 

• Next add the eggplants and allow it to cook and soften (spoon break test required).

• When the eggplant is ready add the spinach bit by bit. Increase the heat and stir so the spinach wilts quicker to allow to add more. 

• Once it’s all wilted reduce the heat and allow it to cook without the lid so most of the water dries up. Remember spinach releases a lot of water once washed. 

• Finally add the salt and you may like to cook longer for liquid absorption or for shorter time depending on your preference.

This dish is best served with rotis/chapatis. 



Spinach In Coconut Milk (Cheaters Rourou)

A dish similar to the Fijian Rourou or Dalo leaves cooked in the earth oven “Lovo” underneath the ground wrapped in foil delicately covered with stones and banana leaves. Mine is an easy peasy simple stove top version. I have used frozen spinach found in the freezer sections at the supermarket. I try to save myself from the labourous chopping and use pre-cooked and packaged ingredients. You can use fresh spinach too which will be much tastier but if you’re lazy like me then by all means just follow my short cut 🙂

1 Medium to Large Onion
1 250g Packet Chopped Frozen Spinach
1-2 Green Chilli (optional)
1 500g Canned Coconut Milk
3-4 Medium Sized Garlic
2 Tablespoon Oil
Salt To Taste

* Thaw spinach and set aside
* Chop onion finely
* Crush the garlic
* Heat oil in pan and once its hot turn stove to low.
* Add garlic and stir couple of times so it doesnt stick to pan
* Add onions and chilli few seconds after that because we dont want garlic to burn as they tend to do so very quickly. It should just release its flavour in the oil.
* Let the onion brown lightly and add the frozen spinach. Allow spinach to cook slightly before adding salt because it reduces in size once softened. This way you will be able to add the right amount of salt as per the quantity.
* Cook for about 15-20mins on low heat.
* Now add coconut milk and cook further 5mins until done.

This dish is best served with roti or rice and lentil.