Paalak Baingan Sabzi (Spinach Eggplant Stir Fry)

My dear readers and followers have been asking me why I don’t post regularly on my blog. My apologies for that I’m less on my blog and more active on my Instagram and Facebook page. I will try to post a little more regularly on my blog. If you don’t want to miss all the yummy goodness and some crazy mini stories/captions then don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. 

Today’s recipe is my favourite and can be a substitute for Choraiya/Amaranth bhaji. 


3 Pre-packaged salad variety Packets Of Baby Spinach

1 Large Bell/Italian Eggplant (cut finger lengthwise) 

1 Tspn Cumin Seeds

1 Large Onion (sliced lengthwise)

3 Cloves Garlic (crushed) 

Salt To Taste

Oil For Cooking 


• Prepare all ingredients and in a large pot add oil to heat. We are using a large pot to give room to the spinach to fit and as it wilts the quantity will reduce in size. 

• Once the oil is heated through add the cumin seeds and allow it to sizzle and brown a little. 

• Now add onions and saute till translucent then add garlic and brown. 

• Next add the eggplants and allow it to cook and soften (spoon break test required).

• When the eggplant is ready add the spinach bit by bit. Increase the heat and stir so the spinach wilts quicker to allow to add more. 

• Once it’s all wilted reduce the heat and allow it to cook without the lid so most of the water dries up. Remember spinach releases a lot of water once washed. 

• Finally add the salt and you may like to cook longer for liquid absorption or for shorter time depending on your preference.

This dish is best served with rotis/chapatis. 



Baingan Aur Pyaz Raita (Seasoned Yoghurt With Eggplant And Onion)

Todays recipe for Raita is inspired by my sister Annu’s version of Eggplant Raita. I’m not sure if my version exists out there but I like to think it doesn’t and that I created it. I love onions cooked and raw or in any which way so I decided to give it my twist and add that into my Raita. I absolutely loved it!!! Do give it a try and see if you like it too. It’s simple, it’s easy and a unique take on your usual Raitas.

Well as you all know by now my post won’t be complete without my totally unrelated to food prattling. Let me tell you a bit about my adventure in my favourite travel destination Thailand. You see I was always apprehensive about travelling to Thailand only because I had so eagerly watched a movie called “Shocking Asia” many years ago. It left a jaw dropping, eye popping, thought provoking effect on me. Well in fact I was amusingly traumatised. So here’s a little snippet of my very first trip there. Mind you my trip there wasn’t an option it just so happened that the cheapest route to India was via Thailand so off we went.

When I first landed in Bangkok my first impression was wow! I’m in a clean version of India..oh wait or is it Middle East? Umm why do I feel like I’m still in Australia. Yep! that was my reaction. I somehow felt I hadn’t left Sydney at all..Liverpool to be precise. Now if you’re a fellow Aussie and been to the wonderful western suburbs of Liverpool you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I just love the country for the warmth of the Thai people and the multiculturalism however I was still a bit wary. I had read and been warned so much about the things of the weird kind happening there that I jumped everytime someone said “Sawadee Kha” (hello) feeling they all had an ulterior motive. Although in Hindi Swad similar sounding to sawadee is tasty and Kha means eat…hmmm what shall we make of this then? I leave it to your imaginative minds.😉

You know when tourists visit Australia for the first time they are almost always on a lookout for Kangaroos and Koalas in our cities, airports, parks but mainly at the beach hoping to see them in their speedos, wearing an Akubra hat, enjoying a BBQ and skulling some schooners (just kidding!). Well what do you know..when sightseeing in Bangkok I was on a lookout too. I had my eyes on full sos scanning alert for “ladyboys”. They are so called gorgeous males adorned as divas and pretty much well tucked “down under”. I remember getting Thai massage services in my hotel room (such luxury) and being super paranoid that my masseuse was a ladyboy. Now it’s not that I had a problem with it..I just didnt want “her” to envy my jalti jawani (burning) beauty that’s all.

I looked at everyone in a suspicious manner so much so that I feared my DH will be lured by gorgeous Thai women to the region of “Thai-Sutra”. They would entice him by saying “sawadee krab (you might just end up catching it if you ain’t playing safe) come she teacha you ping pong..she maker you happy“. But in reality what I found was that almost everyone (except the dodgy few) were pretty cool there and having a ball and letting their hairs and what not down. We also bumped into a few fellas from back home who had several Thai beauties hanging off their arms..”lucky buggers!!”(DH’s words not mine). What does this say about our men? Well drink yer beers, enjoy yer barbie..just make sure you can spot the difference mate! Can’t wait for my next trip!

1 Medium Sizes Eggplant (I used the thicker dark purple variety)
1 Large Onion
1 Clove Garlic
1&1/2 Cup Yoghurt
Oil for Shallow Frying
Salt To Taste

• Wash,dry and slice eggplant into medium to thin half moon shapes.
• Slice onion into ring shapes.
• Crush the garlic and add into the bowl of whisked yoghurt with salt.
• Now heat some oil into a non-stick frypan and shallow fry the eggplant pieces until lightly browned and drain into absorbent paper.
• Repeat the same with the onion rings.
• Add the onion rings and fried eggplant pieces into the yoghurt and stir. Serve with Roti or Chawal.

This dish is best served with Biryani and Pulao or anything else you fancy.


Aloo Baingan Tarkari (Potato Eggplant Curry)

G’day all 🍺🍸🍻🍷Hic! Happy Australia Day!!! I’m back in action after my break. For those who might not have read my last post I was off for surgery for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My nerve issue on my right hand and arm is about 50% ok now so no more pains radiating up my arm, shoulder and neck. My thumb and first finger is tingle free. Although it seems like my Ulnar Nerve is playing up so my last three fingers are still weak. Aww does this ever end! I know one thing at a time so hopefully I’ll be all fixed up in the near future. Next fix up on the list is my ulnar then carpal on my left hand and finally the real pain in my b**t my Spinal Nerve Compression.

Now if you’re wondering what nerve pains feel like let me explain. It’s like electrical currents running through your arms and fingers which is extremely sensitive to touch and causes constant pins and needles with weakness (I end up dropping things more often than my daughter does lol). The spinal nerve compression causes sciatic pains with a burst of electrical like currents radiating all the way down to my toes in spurts. Wow! I’m not only radiating I’m electrifying too..oooohh! 😮 I like the sound of that!! hehe😄

Moving along…I dont know whether my Aloo Baingan recipe today should be classified as a curry because its actually a spiceless dish. What the heck lets just call it one anyway since it’s cooked by an Indian and eaten with roti by an Indian. It surely can’t get anymore Indian than that lol. You know sometimes I just want those spiceless days and to give my trusted antacid a break so this comes in as a quick rescue. The base of the flavour is mainly from the tomatoes and garlic. Enjoy this with roti or spread it on a slice of bread, thump another slice on top, press in a sandwich maker and brruuahh! you have a grilled potato sandwich!

Just a pet peeve before I sign off. I’m furious with the surgeons who sliced through my delicate palm and got on my nerves..literally! They have turned my life upside down and you know how? Well they completely screwed up my lifeline didn’t they…there goes my destiny!! Bahhhhh!! 😩 I will need to get my palms read all over again. Now the mystery is..have they actually shortened my life or lengthened it. What do you think? Hmmm😕I guess only time will unravel this mystery. To be continued…..

4 Medium Sized Potatoes
1 Onion
2-3 Garlic Cloves
1-2 Green Chillies (optional)
1 Large Eggplant (I have used the large black-purple variety)
2 Medium Sized Tomatoes
2-3 Tbspn Oil
Salt To Taste

• Wash, peel and cut potatoes into medium-thin wedge like pieces.
• Wash, halve eggplant and cut long med-thin pieces. Set aside soaked in water so it doesnt go off color.
• Slice onions and crush the garlic.
• Chop the tomatoes and chillies finely.
• Heat oil in a non-stick pan and add onions, chillies and garlic into it. Cook until lightly browned.
• Throw in the tomatoes and cook for a few minutes until it’s mushy soft. If it gets too dry you may add a little water.
• Finally add the eggplants and potatoes and cook covered on low heat until potatoes are done.

This dish is best served with Roti/Chapaati or bread.