Rajma Curry (Red Kidney Beans Curry) – Guest Post For Tropical Spicy Tadka

Some of you might have had popped your head in and visited the blogger I call family. Meet my sister Annu who blogs at Tropical Spicy Tadka and is the inspiration behind my reason for blogging. She blogs delicious Indo-Fijian sweets and curries. Many of the dishes I can cook today is all thanks to the knowledge and instructions she has passed onto me. If you haven’t yet had a chance then please do check her blog out http://tropicalspicytadka.wordpress.com.

Lets start with a bit about my sis Annu. She is the sister who has always looked out for me and guided me through difficult times and taking on the role of a mum. A sister who constantly kicked some sense into the rebellious wild me. We have been through some wonderful times together as children but mostly difficult and sad times together as teens. However we have never left each others sides even as adults. Today we stand united and closer than we were ever.

Ok now all serious and senti stuff aside lets get onto some family childhood flashbacks in Fiji like the times my brother and I used to kia lots of sharaarats (pranks) with her. I have fond but crazy memories of the days when we would be up way early in the morning and mum used to tell us to wake our sis up. We took pleasure in filling a glass with water and tip toe towards her bedroom, sprinkle water on her face and just run for our lives!! We would hide for hours and not return home until it was safe to do so. As I got a little older I wanted to be as studious as her. I would loan books from the library that were the thickest and most difficult to read but just to show her I was as smart as her.

One day I discovered a hand written notebook and I thought I had gotten a hold of my sisters diary. I couldn’t hide my excitement. I eagerly started reading and as I continued reading I realized it was a novel, a beautiful story of a prince and princess written by my darling sister. I realized then how wonderfully talented she was. As I continued reading and came to a very interesting climax in the story and turned to the next page…it was blank! Till today I have not forgiven her for leaving that story incomplete!!!

There were times when my sis and I would have anktashari (singing) sessions for hours on end and as adults we continued the tradition. From bathroom/bedroom singers we eventually became event singers for functions held by the Fijian, Indian and Pakistani Association here in Canberra. These are part of the fond fun memories I have shared with my sis but there’s more to tell but that will take me a novel to complete, isn’t that right Annu? πŸ˜‰

Thank you Annu for always being there for me.😘

Annu requested Rajma curry from me which is inspired by my jethaniji (sister-in-law) Arti. Although this is a slightly improvised version. I cannot, for the life of me, replicate her Rajma curry. I just can’t get that typical desi Hindustani soil taste and flavours from their organic onions and masalas and of course from the magic of her hands. However I still try to cook it occassionally and hoping one day my DH tells me that I’ve hit the jackpot!!!

* I won’t be posting any recipes anytime soon while I’m MIA during my travel to India next month. I will however, be clicking food like crazy and hoping to have some interesting fun stories for you. Please do continue to support and visit my space and stay tuned for future posts. If you would like to know what I’m feasting on during my travels you can follow me on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Feeding-The-Sonis/595780520501408

1 Cup Rajma (kidney beans) soaked overnight with 2 cups water
1 Tspn Tumeric/Haldi
1/2 Tspn Garam Masala
1 Tbspn Crushed Ginger
1 Tbspn Crushed Garlic
2-3 Tomatoes (Pureed)k
1-2 Onions (finely chopped)
1-2 Green Chillies
1 Tspn Kashmiri Chilli Powder
2-3 Tbspn Oil
Salt To Taste

β€’ Puree tomatoes and finely chopped onions.
β€’ Pressure cook Rajma beans with salt and water for 15 minutes.
β€’ Heat up oil in a pan and add Cumin/Jeera seeds and allow it to brown lightly.
β€’ Now add ginger and garlic paste with the green chillies and brown lightly.
β€’ Now add tomatoes and onion paste with the dry spices haldi, garam masala and chilli powder. Cook/simmer on lowest heat setting until the oil separates and floats at the top.
β€’ Throw in the half cooked Rajma and stir well and pressure cook it for further 2-3 whistles. Allow the cooker to cool and steam to settle before opening the lid to check the Rajma/Kidney beans. Check to see if it’s mushy soft (spoon mash test required at this point). If it’s not ready cook further couple of whistles. Check the salt for taste and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

This dish is best served with Chaawal/Rice.


9 thoughts on “Rajma Curry (Red Kidney Beans Curry) – Guest Post For Tropical Spicy Tadka

  1. We have a similar dish called Lubya-Challow which I just equate with simple delicious comfort food, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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