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20140702-234621-85581430.jpgFirst I would like to mention today marks my one year anniversary since I began blogging. Shockers!! I couldn’t believe it when I got a notification from wordpress (at least WP is better than my DH in remembering anniversaries hehe) Really? One year eh? How time flies.I don’t know how long I can hold this fort for..I mean eventually I’ll run out of my recipes then my blog will die a slow death.πŸ˜” Anyone has any ideas how to keep this going so my blog lives to see many more anniversaries? Oh! and feel free to congratulate me while you throw your suggestions in.😁

Secondly it’s news I just had to share. I’m now a Porn star!! A food porn star you sillies lol bet you had your minds thinking them crazy thoughts hehehe.😁The big food porn sites like Tastespotting, Foodgawker and Foodspreading accepted and published my clicks and recipe. Some people might feel it’s no big deal but it is for me. I believe I’m the only Indo-Fijian blogger to have had my recipe/food image published considering the fact how difficult it is to be accepted by these sites. I’ve received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback from my Fijian readers and I feel I’m doing us proud by promoting our cuisine.

Moving along to what this post is actually all about..I recently received invitations by Ahila of A Taste Of Sri Lankan Cuisine and Aiswariya of My Kitchen Moments to participate in My Writing Process Blog Tour. Unfortunately due to prior commitments I wasn’t able to participate earlier. I felt heavy hearted when I had to decline my lovely friendsπŸ˜”..but hey! que sera sera! (🎢jo bhi ho so ho🎢). I was meant to do this so it came right back at me. I hate missing out on all this fun and important stuff where I get to “expose” myself to you and support my fellow bloggers at the same time.

Shruti of Cooking Diary By Shruti ended up locking me in with this deal too cool to refuse. Shruti who I affectionately call my “eggless” princess is a passionate baker and has an awesome blog which features most of her delicious home baked goodies. Her speciality is eggless baking which is what lead me to her blog because of my daughters allergies. I was pleased to find all the egg friendly goodies in there. If you have’nt yet discovered her blog then do check it out now! Com’n scoot! πŸ˜‰

Here’s the writing process blog tour explained in Shruti’s words. “A Blog Tour basically is a way to help your readers understand your view on the blog. The blogger who invites you to the writing process answers questions about their blog and asks you to do the same.” This cycle will continue as I nominate three other very special bloggers for the writing process tour.

Thank you Shruti for inviting me to take part in this tour. 😊

The questions asked are as follows:

1. What am I working on?

I’m currently working on enticing some of my readers out there to do guest posts for my blog. These are people who are non-bloggers but avid foodies who haven’t had a chance to showcase their talents.They are people from my cultural community who can whip up delicious native and Indo-Fijian lip-smacking gobs. I believe their recipes will be greatly appreciated as it’s unique to the Fijian culture. This will in turn give my daughter (and readers) a chance to learn about the wonderful delicious recipes of the country where my roots lie. I’m hoping it works out so wish me luck.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Ahh! now I don’t feel it differs in a large scale because we all are serious foodies here right? The only difference is that my recipes origins are from the Fiji Islands. My blog mainly features Indo-Fijian recipes most of which are curries and stir-fries. However some recipes you will find are contributions by my Delhite in-laws.😊

In every Indo- Fijian household tradition most of us as young girls are taught the skills of cooking by our mothers by the age of 10. Actually we are literally threatened by our mothers with a rolling pin in these exact words “if you don’t learn how to cook then no boy will ever marry you and you will end up with an evil mother-in-law and sent to live in the farms!!!!!”. How ironic is that lol. How will I end up with an evil MIL if I’m never going to find a boy to marry. What does farms have to do with all this anyways? 😫 I just never got the rest of it except the “marry” and “boy” bit lol. However, I’m really glad mum got me cooking by hook or crook because it all kind of came in handy when I lived away from home and got married. Luckily I didn’t end up with the evil mother-in-law.πŸ˜‰Something else a little different about my blog is that it contains stories of somewhat little nutty and crazy situations of my life which to me are just utter nonsense but for you may be entertainment..entertainment..entertainment! You may notice I hardly talk much about the food I cook..it’s like “let’s just cut the crap but not cut the crap”.

The work on my blog is also my venting space from the pent up frustrations of living life in chronic pain. It’s my way of fighting and dealing with the negative thoughts in my head and turning it into a positive one. I can’t believe how therapeutical it’s been for me and no matter how much pain I’m in I shall continue to write. I don’t know what all I’ve just said above but aahh! it felt good..like a huge child lifted off my chest literally!!

3. How does your writing process work?

My writing process? Hmmm..well I’m a really slow writer. My posts can take me anywhere from weeks to months to compose. I try not to overdo it due to the problems with my hands and arms so I write in bits and pieces. I consider myself a writer who basically enjoys putting her gibberish thoughts down into words. I also try to squeeze in my crazy sense of humour as a bonus (steak knives anyone? 😁). I don’t as such go out of my way to cook anything special to put on my blog. What you see is my daily home cooked food. After I’m done cooking then it’s benchtop modelling and the clicks. Now where do I get time to write with a super hyper three year old? It’s while my precious is busy gorging choc and cookies in the land of nod. That’s my time..my chillax time.

I am a Desi/Indian TV serial addict. I multi-task and write as I watch my saas-bahu serials and learning how to be a wicked daughter-in-law at the same time (just kidding mummyji). Overall I’m a crazy writer. I write “kuch bhi…bass sab chalta hai” (whatever..just anything will do). I really struggle to write intense stuff with a straight face. Humorous situations in my thoughts are instantly animated and these animations inspire me. Honestly I have totally surprised myself. I had no idea that whatever I was writing will be liked and appreciated by so many readers. Thanks to all of my readers for your encouragement, likes, comments and support. 😘

4. Why do I write what I do?

This is an intense straight from my heart stuff so let me straighten my expression and feeeeel. My blog, my writing and my recipes are all for my daughter. I wish to leave this behind for her as a legacy and who knows maybe one day she may decide to carry this journey forward. I also write so she understands what her mum is/was really like from inside and not what she portrays/ed from outside. I write because I’m head, liver, guts and heels over in love with her..my angel who brings out the smiles and best in me. 😘

My Torch Bearers – a must to check out if you’re after good food and humour.

I love to read every post I follow whenever I get a little “me” time. Out of all those special few that I do are three of my favourites whose posts I read without a miss simply because they always make me smile and laugh out loud πŸ˜†(non-stop lolling I tell ya). I now nominate these three wonderful and fun loving people who are hilarious and totally gorgeous inside out and maybe even a little eccentric.πŸ˜‰ I personally would love to know more about them so I nominate them for this writing process blog tour and to continue it forward. Thanks for agreeing to participate guys and my humble apologies to those that couldn’t due to time constraints.

Aneela of The Odd Pantry – Aneela “loves to cook odd cuisines with odd ingredients using odd methods”. I believe she’s truly extra-“odd”-nary.πŸ˜‰I absolutely adore her witty sense of humour and the uniqueness of her recipes.

Dana of I’ve Got Cake – Dana (my homey) Fashina..how cool is that name? Dana is a combo deal of a foodie and a fashionista. She is someone who not only cooks hot but looks hot too and that girl can make you laugh till you cry. She’s just gorgeous! (why do I feel like I’m doing a matrimonial ad here lol)

Gary of Foodisthebestshitever – I recently discovered Gary through Dana. He is a fellow Aussie blogger like me who has me in splits everytime I read his posts. Gary has an awesome blog with great food and entertaining stories…aussie aussie aussie oye oye oye!

I’ll finish this off with two bollywood movie songs which are my favourites and makes me want to shake a leg or two. This is inspired by my blogger buddy Ahila.


30 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. congratulations on your first blogversary. Cutie Mishka ❀ I hope you are not going to give her the same evil MIL story . She is as adorable as a fairy tale princess and I am sure she will land up with a charming prince, with or without learning the cooking πŸ™‚

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  3. You are absolutely hilarious!!! I love this bit “How will I end up with an evil MIL if I’m never going to find a boy to marry.” I was thinking the same thing prior to reading your sentence lol.

    Sorry to hear that you endure chronic pain. I’ve met a number of bloggers who have pain, challenging conditions, tough situations and the one common demoniator is their inspiring writing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Congratulation Sanjana for 1 year comletion of your blog writing. Very nice post, You princess is supar cute and and 2nd bollywood song is also a favourite one of mine. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hey Sweetheart,
    This Writing Process Blog Tour was worth the wait. I enjoyed reading it. But honestly, Mishka stole the show. She looks so so pretty in the picture. I am in love with her. ❀
    And thank you soo much for your super amazing comments about me and the blog πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to your posts.
    Love You

  6. First anniversary Wow Congratulations Sanjana!! You girl looks very cute πŸ™‚ Slow writer hmmm but yet you write really super cool and I enjoy the way you write πŸ™‚

  7. CongratzπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ!! Its celebrations time.. One year is not a small thing!!
    Wishing you and your wonderful blog to live looong looong years!!
    Your li’l angel is so cute!!

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