Dosa (Fermented Crepe)

My attempt at cooking South Indian cuisine Part 2 continues with a bit of struggle here and there but with great taste results. This time there was no help from auntyji. Wait!! before you read any further let me point out that todays recipe may have some visual imperfections! You have been warned!!πŸ˜‰

I recently had some guests, our wonderful South Indian friends Raghu and Swati over for dinner. On the menu I decided to serve up some Idli, Sambar, Aloo Masala and Coconut Chutney. Now I’m telling you guys this is a potentially dangerous move for a North Indian who doesn’t know the A-B-C of South Indian food. I wanted to challenge myself regardless so I decided to add Dosa onto the menu as well (wrong move I hear you say). Being the lazy cook that I am I chose the shortcut way by using a pre-packaged batter instead of making from scratch. I painstakingly cooked up the Dosas (yep cooking it is the most difficult part) which ended up a total I thought. I decided my Dosa is no longer to be served at dinner full stop! πŸ˜”

Now DH being the typical big mouth blurted out there was Dosa in the menu too aargh! 😁(I think this emoticon is more an Utpal Dutt iiiiisshh 😬 than an aaargh but itll do for now ). I was given no time to protest and was asked to serve it up asap. So there I was feeling all sorts of exaggerated emotions – hesitation, embarassment, nervousness, sweat, butterflies, mice cartwheels, rumblings, reflux, belch etc etc you name it!! I took the Dosa out from my “bin it later” hiding spot and served it. Little did I know that I was in for a very pleasant surprise. To my utter disbelief my guests were gobbling down my imperfect Dosas so much more than my perfect Idlis. I think they must’ve only had one or two Idlis rest was Dosas all the way! Yeehaa!!πŸ˜„

I was jumping the trampoline from inside reason being (you can kind of see from the image..go on dare you to zoom in) my dosa had breaks in spots and resembled a map of Vooloomooloomatoka (wherever that is) and was far from being perfect. As per the instructions it wasn’t thin nor crispy as it should have been although I personally like my Dosa a bit on the thicker side. I recently learnt that the thicker variety are called “Set Dosas” thanks to my blogger buddy Shalini. I don’t know whether my guests were just being polite or genuinely liked my Dosa whatever may have been the reason I was ecstatic! ooh yeah! I had indirectly gotten the approval I was seeking..mission accomplished!

In my excitement I couldn’t wait to perfect my Dosa before posting the recipe up so I decided to showcase it exactly as it turned out, unedited, un-photoshopped and au naturel made by a dosa virgin.πŸ˜‰It somewhat passes off don’t you think so? And as I always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It tasted just purrrfect. (Sambar recipe to follow).

1 500g Value Pack Gits Dosa Batter (check out your local Indian grocer for stock)
900ml Water

β€’ Pour batter in a bowl and add water to it.
β€’ Whisk the batter with water until the mix is dissolved and no lumps can be seen. Set aside.
β€’ Heat up the non-stick tawa or pancake/crepe pan on medium heat and pour or spray a little oil.
β€’ Pour about a ladle full or 75ml (as per instructions) batter in the centre of the pan and work your way out in circles to try and get a nice medium sized round. The whole idea is to try and get it just like any other pancake/crepe shape.
β€’ Lightly fry the Dosa until brown and crispy on one side. The side facing up should remain soft and moist. Be careful not to break it like I did, which you probably will with your very first attempt but hey practice makes it perfect right? Enjoy!

This dish is best served hot off the stove with Aloo Masala, Sambar and Coconut Chutney.



18 thoughts on “Dosa (Fermented Crepe)

    • Thank you Shamim..Darn! I thought I was your secret blog caught me out lol..I love your blog as well..your recipes are very interesting and I love ghee too except mine goes straight to my waistline hehe πŸ˜‰ thx for the follow.

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