Khaidu (Seasoned Yoghurt)

As promised here’s my mother-in-law Satish’s recipe for Khaidu/seasoned yoghurt which goes well as an accompaniment for pulaos and biryanis.

I am having a serene moment today but let me warn you there’s no major babbling bass just some minor bakwaas.😌I am sitting here gazing into my crystal ball🔮trying to tap into my 7 crucial Chakras. I seek inner peace by exploring deep soul diving so close your eyes, focus on the tube light, breathe and repeat after me..wax on! wax off! wax on! wax off! Come be enlightened! I promise not to remove evil eyes, or give you spells and concoctions for being bitten by a mad dog, find you your true love and wealth nor save your marriage. I’m here to tickle your tastebuds. I’ll teach you how not to remove your eyes off of the stove, give you sauces and condiments for being bitten by the mad foodie bug, find you your true spices and health and save your meal from burning. I, the food Love Guru!😇Come let’s eat!!

2 Cups Yoghurt
1-2 Tbspn Milk
Half Onion Sliced Finely
1/2 Tspn Jeera/Cumin Seeds
1/2 Tspn Sarso/Mustard Seeds
3-4 Curry Leaves
2 Chillies Sliced Finely
1/4 Tspn Haldi/Turmeric
1 Tbspn Oil
Salt To Taste

• Whisk yoghurt and milk and set aside
• Heat oil in a pan add sarso and jeera.
• Once the sarso starts to splutter throw in the onions and chillies.
• When the onions are lightly browned add haldi and curry leaves and stir for a second or two.
• Remove pan from heat, let it cool then pour tadka/tempering over the yoghurt and mix well.

This side dish is best served with pulaos.


10 thoughts on “Khaidu (Seasoned Yoghurt)

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  3. I made khaidu today as an accompaniment to Vangi Bhat. It was delicious and a wonderful change from the regular raita or their pachadi.

    Perfect marriage of North and South Indian cuisine. 🙂

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