Kheer (Sweet Rice Pudding)

I am feeling generous so its a double whammy post this week only because I’m couple of weeks late posting the festivities special.

Recently we celebrated our Festival of Lights – Diwali. On this occassion many households prepare lots of sweets and savoury dishes and share it amongst neighbours, friends and relatives. I have’nt had the opportunity to have experienced Diwali with my in-laws in India yet which is obviously celebrated extravagantly. I’m hoping one day I will get that chance if I can time my travel dates accordingly.

Now onto a Fiji black and white flashback…I must have been 7 years old I remember l was busy lighting up some candles totally unaware as my Ghagra (pretty Indian skirt) was being engulfed by flames. It was our neighbours daughters who noticed and bravely put out the fire with their bare hands. At that age I was more upset my new pretty clothes were burnt. 😊As for my neighbours daughters they will be my guardian angels forever. So all you parents out there please take care and strictly supervise your little ones with the fireworks and candles during festivity times.

I have to admit Diwali is the only occassion I don’t feel the guilt of gorging myself with sweets to the point of making myself sick (ok so I’m a bit of a piglet).😊 Kheer is one of my favourites. I must thank my “sweet expert” sister Annu for teaching me how to make this. I have never made any other sweets from scratch before. The closest I’ve gotten was using pre-packaged range of Kalakand and Jalebi from GITS brands (GITS if you’re reading this please pay me for this free endorsement). Surprisingly it turned out just fine and most importantly…edible.😉

1 Cup Rice
1 375g Can Condensed Milk
1 Litre Full Cream Milk
Pinch Of Cardamom Seeds Or Powder
2 Tbspn Ghee (Clarified Butter)

• Wash and set aside rice. I have used Jasmine because I like the texture better for kheer. You may also use Basmati rice.
• Heat ghee in a non-stick pan and add the cardamom seeds to it. Fry for a second or two and turn down the heat. If using powder keep the heat turned down low before adding so it doesnt burn.
• Now very carefully add the washed rice into the pan as it will splatter. Stir for a few seconds until the rice grains turn translucent.
• Pour the milk over the rice and leave it to simmer uncovered on the stove. Remember to stir occassionally so it doesnt catch at the base.
• If you find its getting too gluggy you may add more milk. This is dependent on your preference to gravy.
• Once rice is nice and mushy soft turn the stove off, add the condensed milk into it and mix well.
• You may finish it off with dried fruits and nuts like Pistachio and Almond slivers to garnish. I did’nt add anything extra because I like my Kheer very simple.

This dish is best served on its own or with Puri.


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