Sardines (Canned)

I love seafood but I dont get a chance to cook much of it because DH cant stand the smell so I cook it when he’s out and about and its usually the canned or frozen variety. Fresh seafood will stink up the entire house and I dont have a special walk in pantry just for cooking (as I have seen in Canadian Indian homes) nor do I have cooking facilities set up outside (like most of us Fijians do). We just love our open air chulhas (stove) so its either you tempt or torture your neighbours with the aroma of fish.

Fijians love their seafood and with the ocean literally in their backyards they get access to fresh seafood regularly. Although I love fresh fish I hate the fact that I have to pick out the bones especially when you are starving and all ready to pounce on it. I cant remember what it was called but my mum used to cook the variety that had hundreds of bones in it. When I was younger (this word makes the current me sound ancient lets just say when I was little girl in ponytails..I like it much better!) I ended up with fish bones stuck in my throat numerous times so it kind of put me off it. I found the canned variety much easier to consume so I learnt to cook that like a pro. I will start with canned sardines for now. This is just a quick prep you can enjoy as filling for sandwiches or with roti. It also goes really well with dhal and rice.

106g Canned Sardines in Olive Oil (I have used Brunswick brand but any of your fav brands will do)
Half Of A Medium Sized Onion
1 Small Green Chilli
1 Thin Slice Of Lemon
Fresh Coriander
Salt To Taste

• Empty contents of can in a bowl. Break sardine from centre and debone.
• Chop onion finely.
• Chop chilli finely.
• Add ingredients onion, salt, chillies, coriander in the bowl with sardines. Also add a squeeze or two of lemon juice. Give it all a good mix.
• Crush the pieces either with spoon or fingers (remember to wash your hands with soap or you could be in serious trouble with the chillies depending on the part of body you accidently will never stand in front of a mirror and say “light up my fire baby” ever again hehe😜)

This dish is best served with bread or roti.



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